Einar Lisborg has been a Financial Planner for over 20 years. Einar believes in offering the very best in financial services, complete financial planning with NO FEES for service. He believes fee for service financial planning excludes too many people who really need complete financial planning. Compensation by commission with no out of pocket expense to you.

Einar holds the coveted Certified Financial Planner designation and is a Registered Health Underwriter. He also obtained the Distinguished Financial Advisor designation specializing in Tax Services.Tax planning is the core of Einar’s practice. He believes that effective tax planning and debt management is the most essential and overlooked areas by most families. Taxes are the largest expense faced by the average Canadian family followed by debt servicing. Getting a handle on debt and taxes is crucial.

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Einar Lisborg is a certified financial planner located in Surrey BC. Serving the White Rock area of British Columbia for over 20 years as a financial adviser. Learn more about what Einar Lisborg can do for your financial future.

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